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Books &… Motherhood

I’ve been in what feels like a blur of baby & toddler trauma bliss for just over 3 years now. My relationship with reading has, kinda like my figure, been through the ringer!

Over the last 6 months I’ve genuinely reignited my love for reading being just for me rather than for the girls. I’ll still read at nighttime as I go to bed albeit I manage a chapter at best before I pass out, but now I will try to pick up a book during the day if I hit lucky on nap time, or when I’m at the hairdressers which let’s face it is like a mini spa break from motherhood, and is strangely where I’m sat typing this blog post.

I’m reprioritizing stuff because for me reading genuinely sorts my head out, it takes me to the space where I use my imagination, I go somewhere else, I temporarily forget about work stresses, laundry, THAT pile on the bottom stair that everyone walks past and just allows my brain to think about something fun. Because of that I have kept my reading list of late pretty light hearted. For now, the hard hitting thrillers, anything too serious or indeed anything that’s printed in smaller than a size 12 font has been put on hold. I’m talking Harry Potter, the Unmumsy Mum & chick lit. I need feel-good literature for now, something that lifts me up and takes me to a happy place and is easy & quick to read. I’d love to hear what you’re all reading and what makes books and reading work within your life…

L xx

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