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Books &… Flying

Books and Flying, The Bold Type

I always have a book on me, you know just in case… I’m about to go to the hairdresser and it’s one of those long appointments so I have to consider whether there is enough left in my book to see me through a colour, cut and a lot of waiting…

The size of my bag depends on what book I’m bringing wherever I’m going. Football in the pub with my boyfriend, and yep there’s a book in my bag.

‘So’ says the middle sister ‘write a blog on Books and Planes…’ Well isn’t that a brilliant idea, of course the middle sister would come up with that one! Because the one place I cannot read is on a plane, nope not ever. Ever. A magazine maybe, but really I’m just frantically looking at the pictures.

For someone who flies so much, nobody ever believes how afraid of flying I am. I congratulated myself last week because I managed to watch a whole episode of The Bold Type* (am I too old to watch this programme, it’s not even a guilty pleasure – just a pleasure!?) on an eight-hour flight.

I’ve had panic attacks, I’ve landed sitting with the airhostesses, once on a work-leisure trip to Rome I was given a whole row to myself and calming red wine by the best Ryanair air steward whilst the rest of the company looked on. Before Hong Kong relocated its airport, I once actually thought I was hallucinating as I looked into the resident’s apartments whilst the plane landed – and that was after spending most of the flight in the loo pretending I wasn’t on the plane. There are the times the wine kicks in and I decide it’s the best thing ever to be on an aeroplane, everyone is my friend and we’re all at a party together (bear in mind this can happen at 7am) – coming off that flight is like waking up from the worst ‘what did I do last night…?’

My doctor has finally decided to refer me for CBT (no more diazepam for me), but for now I can’t fly without a glass of wine in me (or a shot of tequila, or a bottle of prosecco) and I can’t read a book whilst on board.

So my challenge… to fly and read! And not have to bloody well be hungover when I land… 

*The Bold Type – Amazon Prime.. But whilst I’m talking about Amazon Prime, I need to mention Mozart in the Jungle. I actually think this show needs its own blog post, but I’m struggling to think of a link. I don’t ever binge watch it because I just don’t want it to end… Please watch!


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