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This is a post that we’re going to add to and take recommendations for. Although we’re both lovers of ‘real’ books, we love the feel, the smell – the way they look on a bookshelf… we both have had kindles, or accessed books online. Sometimes if I can’t (and this is rare) squeeze a big book I’m reading into a work or travel bag, I’ll sneak in my kindle. Sometimes we’ll both download to an ipad.

Whilst we also love a good bookshop or wonderful library – spending time amongst the stacks and coveting the covers, we do also look online for suggestions or to see what everyone else is doing, because isn’t half the fun of a book being able to chat about it before or afterwards…

For the first post, I’m going to mention a couple of sources that have been recommended to me… Goodreads – I’ve got the app. I mostly use this to keep a log of what I’m reading during the year and to compete with friends in the Reading Challenge (they put pressure on me to make the total I aim for each year higher than it should be). The recommendations are never entirely right for me, and weirdly I don’t actually use it as a source of inspiration for future books.

Just today I spotted my friend’s husband post on his newly-joined Instagram account, it was a photo of a pile of books for his holidays. Sean is American (which is relevant) and apart from Lauren Goff I didn’t know any of his authors and the books were impressively different… I immediately messaged his wife, my friend Lorraine, and she told me that he uses here as a source of new books. ‘Surely not Entertainment Weekly’ I thought… Indeed it is, and I am surprised. I’ve yet to spend time on it but I’m already impressed. More to follow I’m sure.

Is this an online source? I’m really not sure… Whilst there are other celebrities that talk about books, there is nobody that captures the love I have for reading quite like Sarah Jessica Parker. She recently posted a photo of a ‘leabharlann’ in Donegal (library) but is always talking about books, books shops and the importance of libraries:  Parker also recently became a ‘curator’ of books for Hogarth – and the first book ‘A Place for Us’ by Fatima Farheen Mirza is definitely on my to read list, it also explains Parker’s recent Instagram post of husband Matthew Broderick on holidays with the book in hand! She is also honorary chair at Book Club Central, sign up for the newsletters I once visited Three Lives Bookstore in NYC on her recommendation – but New York is a whole other blog!

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