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Friends, nearly neighbours, we met in work over fourteen years ago… We couldn’t be more different in some ways but in the ways that probably matter the most we’re almost too similar.

We’d always shared a dream of owning our own bookstore; a very special place that wasn’t just about books but also local art, photography, coffee, alcohol, flowers and in general a place for the community. Somewhere that evolved in our imagination with every glass of wine we drank – but we just never found time to do it.

But in that imagined future the bookstore would be called Books &….

And from here our blog idea was born, with a love of books at the heart of the blog – it’s also about us, our varied lifestyles, travel, children and much more.


I love books, with a partner of over sixteen years who says he reads enough in work, I’ve managed to fill our house with books of all types and size. I’m terribly like my father in that regard – although I actually read the books I buy! I also manage to convince him (my other half, not my father) to travel quite a bit – which he always enjoys once we get there. Irish born, we’ve lived in the Manchester area for almost fourteen years – and yep that ties in nicely with when I met Louise…


Born a bookworm, I would read by the light through the crack of the door throughout my childhood late into the night and now try to find the energy to read any of the 7(ish) books sat on my bedside table by the light of the baby monitor. I live in Manchester, a hop, skip and a jump from Janet, with my husband and two young daughters, and have an addiction to buying children’s books; seriously, I’m out of control…

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